We stand for efficiency

Boost your bottom line through improved production capacity

Get real-time insights from your factory floor, react quickly to productivity detractors, and optimize production management with Octavic.

Industry 4.0 manufacturing
Flexible smart factory automation solutions for maximizing profitability

We know that manufacturers are constantly under pressure to deliver products for an ever-increasing demand. Having an efficient production set up starts with utilising all your latent resources, such as data from your machines and production staff, to improve your manufacturing operations. Enable real-time shop floor management and data-driven decision-making to increase production efficiency and boost your bottom line with smarter production operations management.

Transform your factory floor
Optimize production capacity

CONNECT to the production equipment on your shop floor to collect machine data, contextualised by production staff.
BE IN CONTROL of your operations from anywhere! Use your computer, tablet or mobile to get a real-time overview of what’s happening on the factory floor.
GAIN REAL-TIME INSIGHTS into factory performance and efficiently manage irregularities by delivering the right notifications to the right people, at the right time.
ANALYZE production data through over 35 KPIs ranging from the most general such as efficiency and quality, down to in-depth metrics, such as changeover analysis.
ACHIEVE LEAN OPERATIONS by planning adequately for changes in demand and handling unforeseen events in production scheduling with historical data, predictive maintenance and what’s happening on the shop floor.

Why use Octavic?

A solution Tailored to your needs
No matter the industry you are in, our extended expertise in manufacturing operations management means we can assist you in your factory's digital transformation.
A user-friendly and adaptable system
Our solution was built with the end user in mind. That is why the user interface is as simple and intuitive to use as Lego bricks, while offering full flexibility for any production line, regardless of the factory’s existing technology.
Unmatched time to ROI
See your production capacity utilisation increase in a matter of days, with a plug and play solution that is quick to deploy and easy to scale.
Our system is quick and inexpensive to adapt to different processes, and because we provide the turn-key package, there are no costs for additional services.

Here are the Numbers that speak for us


Production planning errors removed


Minimum OEE increase within the first months from implementation

Saved, on an average, each month per machine asset

Months for deployment instead of the current industry standard of 9+


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