Manufacturing Data Collection Module

Get full shop floor visibility with Octavic's manufacturing data collection module

Having access to the most important information about your various production related processes, is mandatory for any factory that aims to improve its OEE. At this point, a lot of manufacturers implement some kind of manual factory data collection system, but this can be taken further by automating the entire process.

A little more than just manufacturing data collection

Octavic’s manufacturing data collection module provides extended capabilities, besides collecting factory data automatically. Here’s a brief listing of its main features

Real Time Data Collection

We collect any kind of data that you need from your production lines. We can accomplish this in multiple ways, either through connecting to PLCs, or by interfacing with the electrical scheme of your equipment, and retrofitting it with new sensors if necessary. Be it CNCs, Lathes, Injection Molding Equipment, or Storage Tanks, whatever your needs are, we’ve got you covered!

Automated Production Reports

We make your shop floor more efficient by completely automating your production reports, so operators don’t have to waste anymore time on that. No more useless paper reports, or time spent filling Excel forms. All of it will happen automatically.

Real-time notifications

Our manufacturing data collection module keeps everybody connected through our real-time notification system, so if anything notable happens the right people will be informed straight away.

AI Data Assistant (A.I.D.A.)

Just like you have Siri for your iPhone, you will have A.I.D.A. to assist you in your everyday operations. Our AI Assistant is very helpful when it comes to generating production reports, allowing you to use voice commands to do that, and turning Octavic into a very easy to use application.

Why choose Octavic for your factory data collection capabilities

Octavic’s manufacturing data collection module brings multiple solutions for common issues encountered on the shop floor.


We are going to address your exact needs, even if it means developing a new solution just for you


No matter what the challenges will be, our team is ready to face them. Be it old equipment or an outdated ERP system, we can deal with it


Truth being told, a lot of Industry 4.0 technologies are simply overpriced. But not Octavic

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