Automated Production Planning Module

AI's Precision

By using AI technology like Machine Learning, we can analyze your factory’s production trends, and find out which are the most efficient patterns that we can then apply to your future production planning. Having automated production planning allows for instant changes in your production schedule, providing the highest level of flexibility you could want.

An adaptable and all encompassing automated production planning solution

Octavic’s automated production planning software is built to meet all the essential criteria that a production planner would want to have

Scenario Based Planning

When doing your production plans, you will be able to create them according to various scenarios: maximize the number of deadlines that are met, minimize the number of changeovers, make process A always run before process B, and so on. Having this feature ensures you always stay flexible, no matter what comes up

Takes in account stock & maintenance data

Having a system that automatically builds your production plan, but doesn’t consider your stock levels, would be rather useless. Our automated production planning module takes in account both your stock levels, ensuring that you have enough materials to fulfill production orders, as well as maintenance data, and warns you in advance if it is expecting a malfunction to occur, affecting your plan and deadlines

Instant & based on historical data

Basing our planning module on Machine Learning and Historical Data, allows for both instant and accurate production plans. Our AI is planning the production according to your past plans, and it learns from your mistakes, improving everything from speed to accuracy and reliability

Why choose Octavic for your automated production planning capabilities

We help you become more adaptable when it comes to planning the production activity


No matter the problems that will prevent you from meeting your deadlines, our system will help you find the most efficient solutions to solve that​

All Encompassing

Can cover all your production processes, from automated production lines, to manual operations​

Lowers costs

By helping you workaround the downtimes that almost always come in the way of your production plans​

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