Manufacturing Analytics Module

Factory Insights

Being able to view your factory’s historical data is crucial for understanding how your continuous improvement operations are performing. Octavic’ factory analytics provide you with the overview and the grain-of-sand level of detail that you need to analyze your performance, and on top of that, it provides energy monitoring capabilities

The manufacturing analytics solution that your factory always needed

With the level of detail you require, and topped with energy monitoring capabilities. Here’s a brief listing of its main features

 Historical Reports

Octavic’s manufacturing analytics module allows you to trace and analyze past performance trends, opening the doors for data-driven decision making. Base all your decisions on a clear understanding of your operational history.

Grain-of-sand level of detail

Our factory analytics module provides a microscopic view of every aspect, allowing you to pinpoint inefficiencies, identify opportunities for improvement, and fine-tune your operations for optimal performance. Go as in-depth as you want on your hourly, daily, weekly or monthly reports.

Energy Monitoring

Achieve sustainability goals and cost-efficiency targets with Octavic’s Energy Monitoring capabilities. Keep a close eye on your factory’s energy consumption patterns, identify areas of excess usage, and implement strategies to minimize environmental impact while maximizing operational savings.

Why choose Octavic for your manufacturing analytics capabilities

We help you get the analytical perspective of your shop floor, that you need to optimize your production processes.

Full coverage of the KPIs you need tracked

We can help you track any parameters that you want to, even if we must customize our system to do so.

Easy to use

Besides the friendly interface, with our AI data assistant (A.I.D.A.) you don’t even need to navigate through Octavic, you can just verbally ask for any reports you want.

Keep your ESG score high

Tracking your energy consumption is critical for calculating and reducing CO2 levels, in order to abide by green regulations.

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