Data-Driven Solutions to Transform Your Factory

Zero waste, maximum output, and complete control of production processes with Octavic

Transform Your Factory and Maximize Productivity

Monitor OEE, downtime and equipment utilization in real time for maximum production efficiency.

Octavic is an IIoT system transforming Manufacturing operations into adaptive, lean, and data-driven processes. It effectively removes production errors, waste, and unpredicted downtime, allowing optimal and digitalised operations.

Here are the Numbers that speak for us

Production planning errors removed
0 %
Minimum OEE increase within the first months from implementation
0 %
Saved, on an average, each month per machine asset
Months for deployment instead of the current industry standard of 9+

Octavic and Your Factory – How We Work Together

Integration is not a problem. We work in any industry, with any kind of production lines.

We deliver the necessary hardware for an easy setup.

The turn-key package lets you use all of our features, with no additional installation.

Our system becomes live in your production plants within 1-3 months.

Your factory will start seeing results within days of deployment.

The Future of Manufacturing – Your Digitalized Factory with Octavic

Factory floor management anywhere, at any time.

Adaptive optimization every step of the way.

Minimal production costs in any industry.

AI-powered, data-centred production processes.