Why Factories Should Embrace Industry 4.0

Industry 4.0


Transparency is one of the biggest benefits of Industry 4.0. Without transparent and accessible data from all over the shop-floor, manufacturers are essentially flying the plane blindly into the night

Basing your decision on manually collected data – or worse, on no data at all – is a sure way to make bad decisions in the long run. The Fourth Industrial Revolution solves this issue completely, by providing the data stream that managers NEED in order to take good decisions and ensure the success of their factory.

That’s where our motto comes actually: “Pilot your factory, don’t fly blind!”

Industry 4.0

Automated Production Planning

Right now, planning is still made using software like Microsoft Excel, and as long as the production planner is good, that suffices in most cases

But the Industry 4.0 comes with a better alternative: Automated Production Planning (APS). An APS system is usually based on AI (Machine Learning, to be specific), and it learns from your existing production plans, so in the end it becomes able to take the most eficient decision when it comes to planning.

One thing, we can say for sure. No production planner has the capacity to provide the most efficient, instant, and on-demand production plans, in just a couple of seconds.

The fourth industrial revolution


Being able to take decisions on the spot, when a crisis occurs, is an ability that doesn’t require just a skilled leader, but an informed leader

Having access to grain-of-sand details about your production processes, allows for the greatest degree of adaptability that a factory manager could possibly wish for, as a Smart Factory doesn’t only provide data about its processes, it provides actionable insights that can make a huge difference in the market.

Did your sales team just tell you the market just crashed, and you have to start producing something else ASAP? No worries, your factory’s AI can tell both which of your products are still in demand, and how to switch your production immediatly.

waste in manufacturing


Although, automation has been around for a while now, and some would regard as Industry 3.0 rather than Industry 4.0, it certainly has a well deserved spot in the latter category as well

While the past decades brought automation in the form of automating production processes that humans did before, the current and future technologies will do the same for various administrative tasks in the factory, such as production reporting, data collection and

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