Why Automated Production Planning is a Must-Have

Data driven efficiency

Data Driven Efficiency

Automated Production Planning systems, in most cases, uses AI technology. The AI is fed the data from your production lines, and learns how to make the best decisions.

This allows for instant, accurate, and reliable production plans, that are entirely based on cold data that comes from your equipment This way, the system makes sure that your plan has no flaws in it and you can fulfill your orders without any headaches.

For industries like F&B where they often have to go through changeovers, an APS module might just be a God-given.

Planning & Forecasting

Automated Production Planning can integrate with other forecasting applications. When combined, you get a digitalization system that provides the entire picture over your production capacity and product demand.

This is probably going to be like the hen laying golden eggs for multiple manufacturing sectors in the future. Combining the capability of APS and Forecasting systems will result in complete control over stock levels, production levels & times, human resource management and other critical aspects of the shop floor.

Just imagine getting to work and asking Siri to rethink the production plan for you!

Optimal Resource Management

Optimized Resource Allocation

A production scheduling system that knows at all times how much your production lines are going to produce, is a great asset when it comes to allocating resources.

The APS needs to take in account a lot of factors, like stock data, manpower, state of the production lines. In doing so, it can warn you when something is off. For example, if your stock is low for a particular production line, your APS will signal that before it gets depleted.

And this applies across all areas of manufacturing, that directly deal with the production part.

Higher flexibility

Higher Flexibility

Having your production plan, inventory, procurement and distribution all synchronized is a sure way to ensure that your factory is flexibile in any circumstance.

Working with an APS will allow you to keep an optimal stock level,  give exact deadlines to clients, and instantly adapt the production plan to any unforeseen events that could occur in the market, so no matter what the next challenge is,  you will be ready to deal with it.

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