Top Manufacturing Trends for the Future


Robotics & Automation

This is just following the natural course of the current manufacturing trends, as robots and automated machines are simply more productive, cost-effective, and easier to work with than humans are.

Chances are that in 15-20 years from now, modern factories will be close to independent entities, that can run most production processes completely automatically, with human intervention being reduced to the bare minimum.

Now, there are two sides of this coin, with a big debate . Some say that it’s the doom of humanity, while other say it will free humans from the boring and repetitive tasks. Only time will tell how automation will impact the future of manufacturing.

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Artificial Intelligence

Another important manufacturing trend that’s on the rising, is AI. With emerging technologies like chat GPT and MidJourney, the possibilities of using AI in manufacturing are clearer than ever before.

Maybe the best example of this is Automated Planning Systems (APS), that can help manufacturers do their production plans instantly, allowing for a greater degree of flexibility than ever before.

So, did the sales team tell you to change the production in the middle of the week? No worries, that’s why you have an APS, to skip you the pain of having to reschedule everything manualy

Manufacturing Digitalization Systems

Although this topic has been around for a while now, managing your production processes digitally will only become more important in the future, as manufacturers will better understand the benefits of Industry 4.0, and start moving towards digitalization.

The benefits of digitalization should be quite self-explanatory. A digital system that keeps a close eye on the factory’s performance allows for greater control, visibility and transparency to your factory’s processes. Less human error, more efficiency, less waste, more profit. Digitalization is simply the future.

augmented reality

Augmented & Virtual Reality

Who would have thought that a technology that was designed for gaming, would penetrate the manufacturing space?

Although this technology is not that game-changing (hah!) for industrial purposes, it can definitely be useful for training programs, or real-time remote monitoring of the production lines

Gamification of work has a lot of potential when it comes to improving productivity.

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