Flexible smart factory solutions for maximising profitability

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Manufacturers are constantly under pressure to deliver products for an ever-increasing demand.
Leverage your data so you can make the most of your production setup by utilising all your latent resources to boost your bottom line. The Octavic system helps you uncover the hidden potential of your factory and improve your manufacturing operations by using your data for better and smarter decision making.
Manual, semi-automated or fully automated assembly lines are all covered by our solution because we know that there are no two identical factories in terms of production set-up.

Paperless manufacturing

Increased productivity

  • Uncover hidden capacity by quickly detecting underperforming machines and addressing production issues in real time
  • Optimise changeover processes to reduce wasted materials
  • Shorten reaction time to bottlenecks, machine downtime and efficiency losses
  • Improve production margins by utilising all your latent resources
Paperless manufacturing

Paperless production

  • Reduce paperwork and manual data input in batch manufacturing
  • Automate data collection through continuous production equipment monitoring
  • Optimize the manufacturing process with real-time control and operator input at the right stages in production to ensure compliance
Paperless manufacturing

Agile manufacturing

  • Reduce costs through smarter resource management and automated production
  • Leverage actionable data to understand costs and enable data-driven decision making that supports process optimisation
  • Use automated production scheduling to eliminate human error and keep up with fluctuations in demand
Paperless manufacturing

Optimised Equipment Performance

  • Use live dashboards to gain visibility into operational and equipment performance and uncover latent resources
  • Leverage data collected in the manufacturing stage to analyze overall production performance and the specific KPIs relevant to you
  • Maximise production capacity utilisation with integrated features like production scheduling and predictive maintenance capabilities
Get real-time insights from your factory floor, react quickly to productivity detractors, and plan your production efficiently with Octavic.


Minimum OEE increase within 6 months from implementation


Decrease in breakdown reaction & duration


Increase in equipment running at designed speed


Decrease in delivery deadlines missed


Lower maintenance costs