OCTAVIC system on UiPath Marketplace

The solutions provided by OCTAVIC, a provider of digital products for Industry 5.0, are now functional on UiPath`s Marketplace. The automation system for production processes, an original result of Octavic`s engineering, is now available for businesses in which optimizing production is one of the goals for the near future.

first Industry 5.0 automation solution on UiPath Marketplace

The technology developed by Octavic`s teams is the first optimization and automation system compatible with the Industry 5.0 concepts. It is designed for factories in which the priorities are reducing staff expenses or better management of day-to-day costs.

What our system does

This system can be used by production managers for which evaluating precisely segments that can produce optimization of production or operational costs. It also significantly contributes in terms of identifying elements or areas where production can be improved in a fast efficient way. Nonetheless, this system will be useful in terms of providing relevant data for idle times that have an influence on production processes.


The list of benefits you and your business get from using our services can go all day, but the ones that should catch your eye are the visual management tools, automatic reporting of over 60KPIs in graphics and excel, and smart shop floor scheduling and capacity planning. All of them and so many more just to make sure you save time, money, and unnecessary headaches.