Manufacturing Future Technologies

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Digital Twins

A digital twin is truly a manufacturing future technology. A one-to-one replica of your factory, with all its production lines and areas laid out.

It can be useful in multiple ways, firstly for accurate tracking of the shop floor, and secondly, for conducting simulations of various changes you might want to make to your factory, so that when you implement the changes, you can have 100% confidence in the outcome. For example, you could simulate how moving one production line to another place would impact your productivity.

augmented reality

Extended Reality

The main use of extended reality will be in conducting training sessions for new hires, without them having to be on premise, and would also allow managers to be present in the factory without being present (well.. you get it).

It’s interesting to see how a technology that originated in the gaming industry, is now impacting the future of manufacturing. The applications it might have could become more extensive in the future, even if at this moment they remain rather limited.



Cobots, or Collaborative Robots will surely be a big part in the future of factories. Their their purpose is to make the humans job more productive, by bringing balance between humans and machines.

While it may not work well for all cases, combining the work of robots and humans would definitely benefit some production processes. Processes such as manual polishing of heavy items would be an example: the robot could easily lift and manipulate the item, while the human can polish the parts that he decides need polishing.

Edge Computing & 5G

5G technology will be the backbone of the future Smart Factory. Getting the entire shop floor connected to the IIoT will require quite a lot of bandwidth.

5G and edge computing are already being implemented in multiple areas that require high-speed communication, and manufacturing will soon start adopting this new tech sooner rather than later, as the benefits it provides are significant.

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