Industrial Sectors Most Impacted by Manufacturing Digitalization

manufacturing digitalization

Food & Beverage

Manufacturing digitalization systems are very efficient in F&B, because of the high number of changeovers. This means automated production scheduling does wonders for this manufacturing sector.

For F&B, planning the production automatically can be like the chicken that lays golden eggs. Unfortunately, this sector is very much at the mercy of the market. If the sales department dictates that the production plan must be changed in the middle of the production schedule, then that must happen ASAP.

Luckily enough, Automated Production Planning allows for that to happen instantly. That’s a great level of flexibility in face of the not-so-good market conditions.

Metal Works

Anyone who works in Metal Works can tell you how notorious this sector is for the amount of scrap that it produces, and ends up going to waste. That can change, through manufacturing digitalization systems.

By keeping a close eye on certain production parameters, the scrap rate can be lowered through optimization of the processes that are being tracked

And it would be just so great for the environment as well, so extra points to your ESG score!


When producing highly sophisticated chipsets, quality control is crucial, and keeping a perfect quality control process in place is a must

This manufacturing sector would certainly benefit a lot from Industry 4.0. AI driven quality control is certainly among the most important topics. Shifting this part of the production process from humans to AI, means a constant flow of high-quality products at rates that human labor simply cannot achieve, within reasonable costs

manufacturing digitalization


The Aerospace industry is probably among the most complex manufacturing sectors of them all. Factories are basically hurting for a manufacturing digitalization system, as its supply chain is for sure giving headaches to everybody involved in its management.

Keeping track of the hundreds of suppliers involved in producing the parts of a plane is an exhaustive task, that can so easily be done by AI and automated management systems.

Supply chain managers will be so happy to know at all times where everything is, when it will arrive and get AI-driven suggestions as to how to solve various supply chain related issues

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