How to upgrade old factory equipment to Industry 4.0

predictive maintenance

Predictive Maintenance

It is a fact that the older a machine is, the more often it is going to break, so having in place a system that helps with this, can bring great benefits, and can upgrade old factory equipment to Industry 4.0 standards.

Modern AI technology takes in account multiple variables such as time between breakdowns and changes in the shape of vibrations in order to predict when the next breakdown will occur.

Knowing this can save a lot of downtimes, as you will know in advance when to order spare pieces and when to prepare the maintenance team to step in action.

Remote Monitoring

This applies across the board, but it probably is more important to remotely monitor legacy equipment than it is to monitor its newer counterparts.

Having access to production related data allows for comparison between the performance of old manufacturing equipment vs. modern manufacturing equipment, and that in turn allows you better optimize the processes that legacy machines go through, and make them more efficient.

If your factory has a lot of rusty machines, that still do their job, maybe think twice before retiring them!

retrofit sensors

Retrofit Sensors

Modern machinery usually comes with a plethora of fancy sensors that help you collect the data you need from them. Legacy machines though, not so much.

Even if that old lathe you’re still using has a basic sensor that detects something, chances are that at this point it’s malfunctioning. Luckily, retrofitting it with news sensors is a cheap way of bringing old machines to Industry 4.0.

So, if it looks rusty but it works, then it’s not that rusty.

energy monitoring

Energy Monitoring

One of the things that old factory equipment is (really) good at, is consuming absurd amounts of energy.

If your factory has multiple legacy machines, it might be a good idea to install some energy meters on each of them, so you know exactly how much they are using up, and gain valuable data to help you optimize their consumption.

Well, that’s a good thing to do with all of your equipment, but you would probably want to do that with the old one in the first place.

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