How to improve Quality Control with AI

Automated defect detection

Automated Defect Detection

Assuming that you want your factory to produce high-quality products, for a low cost, then Quality Control with AI should be an option that you explore.

You could have one of your employees do that, but that would take money, time to train him. And people are prone to making mistakes, aren’t they? Well, a better alternative, could be a digital system designed specifically to detect even the smallest defects in your product. For less money, less invested time, and close to no errors!

AI can do wonders, and detecting flaws in your final products is one of the things it got really good in the past few years.

Predictive Analytics for Quality Assurance

This could go hand in hand with Predictive Maintenance parameters, as they both work in a similar manner

AI Quality Assurance can take multiple variables in consideration, such as employee on shift and their history of producing defects, machine vibration changes, and malfunctions in the equipment in order to give you an accurate estimation of how many defects would be produced.

If the software that you’re using is really good, it will also give you actionable insights on that. Now you can get right down to lowering the number of rejects!

Root Cause Analysis

Gaining in depth knowledge about how your factory is operating is essential for performing root cause analysis to pin-point what’s increasing that scrap rate.

We know you hate it. To be fair, there’s no reason for you to spend 3 hours trying to figure out why the number of rejects is so high during the night shift. This can be entirely automated if doing Quality Control with AI

Leave the job to that brand new and shiny digitalization system that you just installed. It collects all the data you need , and also elegantly present you with possible solutions! Ah, the times we live.

Reduced Quality Control Costs

Reduced Quality Control Costs

This should be pretty obvious. AI Quality Assurance leads to lower costs.

To skip straight to the point – If you shift the job of controlling quality from people to AI Quality Control, then the costs associated with doing quality control decrease, the volume that can be processed increases, and the profit margin goes up.

Feels like summer, doesn’t it?

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