How Sustainable Production Increases Production Efficiency

sustainable production

Scrap Reduction

Scrap is definitely one of the reasons why your production efficiency is going down and for an un-sustainable production process.

By tracking production efficiency and scheduling maintenance predictively, manufacturers can reduce their scrap rate considerably, as long as they are taking the right data-driven decision. Since the factory would end up wasting less materials in its production, that could also be used to score higher ESG scores, as it could bring extra points to sustainability

So, we encourage you to become sustainable, and efficient at the same time!

production efficiency

Paperless Operations

With today’s technology, going paperless should be a no-brainer. It can be easily done in all fields, manufacturing included.

Eliminating paper reports increases data visibility, aids the visual management of production, and eliminates the recurring cost of paper & auxiliaries. Of course, embracing paperless operations also means a greener production process, as no more trees must be cut to get the required information to the right people.

And who likes paper reports anyway? You should get rid of them as soon as possible.

energy monitoring

Energy Monitoring

Monitoring energy should be the first thing  in your mind, when you start thinking about making your production processes more sustainable.

The less energy you use to manufacture your products, the greener you go. To start lowering that carbon footprint you must monitor your energy consumption. That can be done in multiple ways, but the most straightforward path is the best – energy meters on each production line.

We can already feel your carbon footprint going down!

Waste Minimization

For certain industries like F&B, keeping the right amount of stock is essential. If the warehouse has more stock than the factory can process in due time, a lot of it will just go to waste as it expires.

Using Digital Manufacturing Systems focused on demand prediction, manufacturers can better manage warehouse resources and anticipate low demand, and adjust their stock levels accordingly. All of it leads to a better optimized and more sustainable production process.

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