How Digitalization Improves Manufacturing Time Management

manufacturing time management

Instant Access to Analytics

Improving manufacturing time management is important to all factories. To do that and reduce factory time waste, manufacturers implement  automated data collection systems on their shop floor.

Implementing a digital system that allows for data to be automatically collected and delivered straight to the manager’s laptop, is a solution that can save a lot of time for the factory, as well as increase data accuracy.

Having knowledge, is having power. Or so they say.

shop floor

Instant Production Adaptability

Long gone are the days of planning production with pen and paper, now we have Spreadsheets! Well… not so much of an improvement, is it?

While most factories are still using Excel and hiring production planners to think out the production schedule of the week, others are already jumping ahead and switching to Automated Production Scheduling to reduce production planning time. By fully automating production scheduling, there will be no more delays when production must be changed, and you can be sure that more deadlines will be met.

And just like that, you gain full control and flexibility in volatile market conditions!

Faster Communication

Everything in Industry 4.0 happens digitally, and same applies to communication.

Have you ever struggled to explain to your colleagues why the OEE is low, or are you tired of having to walk across the shop-floor to tell the maintenance team that a machine broke down? Digitalization can help with all of that, either by using visual charts that can be easily generated, or by automatically sending notification to the maintenance team, whenever a machine breaks down. All this improves the manufacturing time management.

Sometimes I wonder what we’ll all do with all this free time that the future brings

faster supply chain

Faster Supply Chain Flow

Streamlining the supply chain can happen either from direct operations to it, or indirectly, as a result of implementing other systems that manage various aspects of the shop floor.

Even if you don’t really take in account the supply chain part, you’ll notice sooner rather than later that it works better. That comes as a consequence of having more efficient production routes, keeping track of stock data, or using instant communication between factory staff, and leads to reduce factory time waste

It all comes together now, doesn’t it?

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