How To Create a Digital Strategy for Your Factory

Identify Digitalization Objectives

Identify Digitalization Objectives

Firstly, you need to know exactly what problems you are trying to solve with your digital strategy.

Whether it is a lack of visibility on the shop floor, or you have issues with solving certain bottlenecks, you must gather your management team and start discussing about the most important problems and understand which are more important than others

Getting this right is essential, as the rest of your digitalization plan will be built according to the objectives you set.

Digital Strategy

Create a Digital Strategy Calendar

A digital strategy calendar for your factory is not just a timeline of your digitalization efforts. It is also a document where you will write down ideas of on reaching the milestones you set previously.

A digitalization calendar must include proposals for various solutions to the problems you are trying to tackle. An estimation of the time and resourced needed to achieve your goals are also necessary. And of course, a list of potential partners that can help you in your endeavours.

Allow yourslef a flexible time frame, as digitalization projects can vary, as they depend on multiple variables.

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Select Appropriate Technology

Hopefully, you have done the previous steps with utmost attention. Now it is the moment to select a company that will be the backbone of your projects.

You have a multitude of options when it comes to software providers for manufacturing.¬†Choose one according to your needs. If you decided that it’s best to stick to “industry standard” apps, you could go for a well-known software like SAP, if you decided that your needs are not being met by giants like SAP, you might opt for a custom development agency that would build your software from 0.

If you wanted the best of both worlds, you might have chosen something like Octavic. We already have a well structured system, and we’re a company that’s happy to do custom development. We’re all about addressing your specific needs!

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Choose Digitalization Leadership

We can’t stress enough the importance of having one or two people that are directly responsible for all your digitalization efforts.

Splitting the job “at random” between 4-5 people is certain to lead to a mess. It is best to choose someone who you know is a bit more tech-savvy and is willing to get themselves involved in a complex endeavor like digitalizing your manufacturing plant

Whatever you do, make sure to designate someone to take charge of digitalization!

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