Choosing The Right Manufacturing Digitalization System

Coverage of Factory needs

Coverage of Factory Needs

This should be quite intuitive: The manufacturing digitalization of choice should cover most, if not all, the needs of your factory.

It’s better to sacrifice some extra financial resources, than to regret down the way the fact that you chose to compromise with the software provider about that one feature which you didn’t think too much about, initially.

There is a lot of software out there that claim to do wonders for pennies, and that applies to manufacturing as well. Just keep that in mind when doing price-hunting in this market.

System Scalability

Maybe at the moment, your factory is still a small, family owned business, but we all know that it has a lot of potential to grow, and you should also keep that in mind when purchasing a manufacturing digitalization system

Although this should be valid for most companies out there, you should make sure that your digitalization partner has the capacity to expand to different production lines that you might deploy in the future, that way you can be sure that after upgrading, you will end up with a true Smart Factory, not just half of it.


Flexibility and integrations

Flexibility & Integrations

By flexibility & integrations, we mean that your digitalization partner, ideally, would be capable and willing to adapt their existing system for your specific needs.

This is a case that we often encounter at Octavic. Most of our projects required at least some level of custom development done on our existing system, to ensure that we satisfy the customer’s needs entirely, rather than just parts of that

Just keep in mind that this is a service that big players in the manufacturing digitalization market do not provide, it’s usually the smaller companies like us that are (very) open to modifying our system to fit your exact needs

Btw, you can email us at if you want to talk more about it 😉

Support and Maintenance

System Support & Maintenance

So, you have set your eyes upon one software in particular, and can’t wait to sign the contract. But a last minute detail comes up – they don’t provide support.

Now, let’s imagine how that would go in the long run. Suddenly, one of your production lines is no longer transmitting the correct data to your dashboard. You reach out to your provider’s support email, and then they kindly refer you to one of the articles on their website, which might or might not fix your issue.

Now, your maintenance manager wants to quit, because he’s been struggling overtime with that machine for two weeks, and he just can’t take it anymore! In conclusion, make sure you get support for your software!

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