The Biggest Sources of Waste in Manufacturing

waste in manufacturing


Scrap is for sure one of the biggest sources waste in manufacturing. Luckily, that can be solved.

In industries like metalworks,  recycling stations are being built to try to minimize their scrap rate as much as possible. For other industries like Woodworks, that’s simply not possible. It’s just a matter of doing your job as carefully and efficiently as possible, as to waste the least amount of material.

In these cases, optimization is key. And to ensure the highest level of optimization, you need to track your production processes closely, using a digitalization system like Octavic.


Maintenance has long been one of the areas that generate high recurring costs. Unfortunately, it is often neglected by manufacturers, as it is seen as a “random” cost, that can either constantly pester you, or can come up once a year.

Even though a lot of manufacturers underfund their maintenance teams, that does not change the fact that maintenance costs will come up from time to time.

You can diminish maintenance costs by implementing certain digitalization systems. Predictive maintenance modules for example, can accurately tell you when to order spare pieces.


Energy costs are higher nowadays than they have ever been, and they certainly are one of the biggest sources of waste in manufacturing.

The price of energy is something completely out of our control. The only thing we can actively change however, is the energy consumption. You should do that by finding out what uses up the most energy in your production processes. There’s no better way  to do so than installing an energy monitoring system.

Keep a close eye on these energy bills!

continuous flow


Big gaps between production processes have always been an issue when it comes to overall production costs. And they won’t go away anytime soon!

However, they can be greatly decreased by implementing an Automated Production Scheduling system, that can plan your production schedule on the spot, and meet your exact production criteria.

At this point, in a few years we’ll just have to press a button, and the factory will run all by itself!

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