Increase productivity with real-time insights from the factory floor

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Competition, seasonality and high production equipment and operational costs are some of the biggest challenges in the Building Materials industry.

Using the Octavic system you can lower operational costs while increasing productivity by optimising capacity utilisation with data-driven decisions for smarter resource management. Do more with less and adapt to fluctuations in demand.

Paperless manufacturing

Operational Cost Control

  • Track processes in real time to see performance and address production issues
  • Lower operational costs by using accurate data as a source of information and find opportunities for process improvement
  • Automate scheduling for better resource management and improved production margins
  • Accurately predict machine maintenance patterns
Paperless manufacturing

Agile manufacturing

  • Lower manufacturing costs with smarter resource management and automated production
  • Leverage data for faster decision making that supports process optimisation
  • Understand costs, optimize production schedules and keep up with fluctuations in demand and increasing competition
Paperless manufacturing

Optimised capacity utilisation

  • Uncover hidden production capacity by identifying underperforming machines and addressing issues as they happen
  • Monitor production, machine downtime, and quickly identify bottlenecks
  • Analyze performance with the help of unbiased data collected from your shop floor
  • Optimise changeover processes to reduce wasted materials
Paperless manufacturing

Paperless production

  • Reduce paperwork and manual data input with digitalised batch reports
  • Collect data from connected equipment and eliminate unreliable data as a base for business decisions
  • Ensure traceability with accurate data collected at the manufacturing moment, to help with reclaims and audits
Get real-time insights from your factory floor, react quickly to productivity detractors, and plan your production efficiently with Octavic.


Minimum OEE increase within 6 months from implementation


Energy consumption reduction


Reaction time increased


Decrease in delivery deadlines missed


More units produced